Multi-lingual Features Manage multiple languages

A Trully Multi-lingual Platform

Translate everything

As nice brands become global, even in a small scale, this is a must!
The data design allows you to translate your content, even that of your social networks.

News, Events and Malings

Native multi-lingual design allows you to publish your content in different languages. As well, when sending mailings to your fans/customers database they'll receive them in their preferred language (of those you have).

Social Stream

You know, in Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Instragram... you should choose a language for each post, or have more than one channel to serve all your regional publics. When adding social sources to your Timeline, you can decide whether having a different channel for each language or being able to translate your posts for each language.


With Twitter we used a different approach. When configuring a Twitter account you can determine to show it in all your languages or only on specific ones. As well, you can use one Twitter account and a #hashtag to decide in which language will each tweet appear. For instance, if you tweet always in French, but from time to time in English using the same account, you can choose the hashtag #EN to send this content to your english version (and only to it, if applicable) and the rest of your tweets to appear in the french version.

Other functions of Multi-lingual capacities of PushRoom

The translation functionality of the Social Stream allows you not only to translate to other languages but to correct/ change the description of your posts. It's quite useful to correct typos or to expand your explanation.

This funcionality also allows you to change the date of the post (as this is not allowed in the source -Facebook, Youtube,...-) and to re-categorize the content so it responds to the tags filters.

Why this focus?

PushRoom was not design to solve the problems of only big brands, those who have a lot of resources and a natural big fan base. The flexibility in the multi-lingual design responds mainly to the needs of small resources brands that need to be become global while not inefficient. This is why.