Made in Barcelona

By a Team of different Nationalities

About this

PushRoom intends to give visibility to all your social media content efforts with a useful and beatiful interface. As traditional home-pages have became obsolete, activity, innovative actions, useful content, events, announcements... are not only the way to induce further visits but to communicate the soul of you project, product or service.

Thanks to its customers requests, the tool has grown in a meaningful and functional way (and will continue to). PushRoom is that kind of project that evolves over time always.


As you can see in the PRICING page, you're invited to choose special pricing options where a big part of your fee will be donated to the Spanish Red Cross. Being ourselves donators for more than 7 years and having knowledge of the needs and solutions provided by this NGO, we decided to invite our customers to help us help those in need. Please bear in mind that you can always choose to change this decision (next billing period).


Thank you for using or having interest in this tool.
And don't forget to try it out, it's free for 30 days!.